Posted by: Sam Carson | 28 November, 2006

And yet another cost of the Iraq war…

Now that I see Human Rights Watch has put out a report about Iraqi refugees, it makes sense.  Yet in the media there has been no discussion of this at all.  One million people displaced to survive, and the world hasn’t even taken notice. 

Jordan: Bush and Abdullah Must Address Iraqi Refugee Crisis (Human Rights Watch, 28-11-2006)

  • Since the war in Iraq began in 2003, more than 1 million Iraqis have fled, but none of Iraq’s neighbors, nor the United States, treats them as refugees. The 110-page report, “The Silent Treatment: Fleeing Iraq, Surviving in Jordan,” documents the hardships faced by Iraqis who have fled persecution and violence in Iraq, but who do not have permission to stay in Jordan.  

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