Posted by: Sam Carson | 17 January, 2007

Tearing hair out…

Federal Way School District has decided to ban former Vice President Al Gore’s movie about global warming on the pretext that it should be accompanied with a counter argument.  They call it propaganda.

Aside from the most obvious, that the argument presented affects the future of the planet and should at least be heard, aside from this.  The Federal Way School District is saying that an idea cannot be presented without supplying the counter argument.  Only then will students be allowed to hear what a two term Vice President has to say.  Isn’t that completely absurd?


  1. You know…I voted for Ralph Nader in 2000. But I should have voted for Gore. Living in Texas, it not matter so much because Mr. Bush was certain to win our electoral votes. Yet my feeling at the time was such that I would have voted for Mr. Nader even if I had lived in a contested state. So it goes.

  2. Will this make my Al Gore stocks on trendio rise?

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