Posted by: Sam Carson | 31 January, 2007

Quick Rant

I’ve been putting a few posts from here on  I originally thought NowPublic could drag viewers to this site, but the posts have stayed over there, and so have the viewers.  However, more people have read my stuff.  The Guantanamo Bay post alone has about as many hits as the total views of this site.  But I feel much more at home here.

The NowPublic Firefox extension makes it easy to post to both here and there.

The politics section on NowPublic has a handful of people routinely writing.  The group is split Liberal/Conservative, so that the conversation warms the blood.  For example, there is “NukeGingrich” who spews the usual Amero-centric war on the world point of view of the Bush apologist.  “Leftist” has points of view which are radically centrist (but he is American, so it requires a local political spectrum correction which moves him closer to his namesake).

The site runs out of Vancouver and is pushing to be a user driven news site.  I only post news bits there, nothing else.  This post is not to NowPublic.  Then again, I only really post news bits here too.

Anyway.   I know I have not been posting much lately, I’ve been really busy.  Also, I’ve been pretty jaded about the news.


  1. Vancouver, my old home town that I thought I’d never leave because of the surrounding physical beauty. How naive I was. And yet there is still a soft spot for what once was and will be no more.

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