Posted by: Sam Carson | 15 February, 2007

A few other things

I try and stick to politics on this site, but it cannot be helped tonight.  I must declare the following.

I really do love my cats.  Those who know me will know what an important admission this is.  The rest of you may think me strange. We got two of these little bastards in the summer and I cannot remember how I lived without them.  They are so goddamn affectionate, etc.  Anyway. Cats are good.

I am a student who studies by distance education.  I prefer it that way, but it is hard going.  I have 2MB/s broadband which is not an incredible bitrate, but it is fast enough to whisk away hours “having a look” at the news.

I’ve been reading David Seah’s blog, and am facinated by his thoughts on productivity.  I’ve also been using his Emergent Task Timer to great success.  I think this is a great tool, as I like this PDF forms.  The forms are clever and are a great example of boy thinking. The colours are distinctive and form substance pays immediate gratification for each time unit spent.  I am really interested in productivity and time management.  Seah’s ideas work for me.  If you need to understand where your time is going, or want a way to track your day, I recommend his site:  The time tracker is here:


  1. I am glad that you appear to have seen the light. Cats are truly delightful and satisfying pets.

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