Posted by: Sam Carson | 16 March, 2007

Current TV

Apparently Al Gore is it’s patron.  I tuned into the newly launched Current TV yesterday to see what it was all about.  I’m already hooked.  In the past hour I’ve seen short films (called ‘pods’) about Nelson Mandela, ‘Buildering’ (as in bouldering from outdoor climbing, but in cities, using… buildings), some Australian rock band, and am now watching something about ‘size zero’ and anorexia.  Its much better than watching reruns of “Friends”…

One third of the content is Viewer Created.  A kind of turboYouTube.  Obviously, these aren’t from urban bandits with dad’s camcorder, but rather interesting topics shot in interesting ways.

One of the more interesting things about this content is that its not as “airbrushed” as normal TV.  You see the video cameras quite often.  More than that, there is more of an air of humanity about these people.  Not just their shapes and sizes, interesting facial hair configurations, but also in their ticks and movements.  Their personality hasn’t been edited out.  I really like it.

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