Posted by: Sam Carson | 18 March, 2007

Discourse and Tiddlywikis

I am hard at study at the moment, which explains my relative silence.  The courses I am taking right now are on International Relations and Political Philosophy.  I have posted my notes online on Discourse, those with interest in International Relations or Political Philosophy may find it interesting.

There is a comment section, and do not hesitate on sparking up discussion or letting me know of any poor information.

This Tiddlywiki will get updated more often than this blog.  Though its all a bit crazy right now as I using this Tiddlywiki more as a brain dump.  It lacks real polish at the moment, but the information is growing.  I am playing with the idea of keeping Discourse a notes place and brain dump, and introducing the polished version in a more page based wiki form or a new, different Tiddlywiki.  Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed.

If you don’t know what a Tiddlywiki is, they are brilliant.  Its one single contained javascript HTML file which is excellent for collecting information.  The information bits are as “tiddlers”, kind of like editable, taggable, searchable, expandable 3X5 cards.

Tiddlers also take the form of plugins and macros, and the legions of diehard Tiddlywiki fans have created the friendliest community the information superhighway passes through.  These plugins can turn Tiddlywikis into note organizers, GTD organizers, blog platforms, picture lightboxes, and more.  For example: I am looking forward to the development (in the works) of a Simile Timeline plugin, which will really work well in Discourse.

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