Posted by: Sam Carson | 12 April, 2007

Iraq War Statistics

I have posted on the statistics the awful displacement of Iraq citizens as a result of the war in Iraq. Today I found a site dedicated to the casualty count in Iraq. I’ll keep it in the Blogroll.

Not only does it break down the 3294 American deaths, and 24,314/26,188 American wounded/medical air transported (interesting division), it also tries to count the civilian and Iraq Security Force deaths through the media. It make sit clear that the actual totals are higher. Non-American casualties also get recognised, like the 140 British, 19 Polish, 6 Danish, 2 Romanians, 11 Spanish soldiers who have died, to name a few.

It is morbid information, but seems complete.

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    (CVD) is the number one killer in America, for both men and women.

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