Posted by: Sam Carson | 13 April, 2007

The Lastest News from Amnesty International

Here is the latest from Human Rights group Amnesty International:

Their latest post is an appeal to the Palestinian Authority for the return of BBC reporter Alan Johnston who was abducted in Gaza over one month ago. Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen says:

‘Mr Johnston’s abduction is a shocking act and an affront to every
journalist around the world. We need to see Alan safely released as
soon as possible and his kidnappers brought to justice.’

Amnesty published a report on Egypt on the 11th of April, condemning the nation’s record on torture and illegal detention. Many of these attrocities have been performed in the name of the so-called “war on terror”, the report finds. The news piece gives several cases of Human Rights violations in Egypt.

Another report by Amnesty, that I have already posted on, shows that 80% of detainees in Guantanamo Bay are in solitary confinement. The news item examines the report.

Your chocolate Easter Bunny may been a product of child labour. The cocoa trade in West Africa is still exploiting children, despite a voluntary business code across the chocolate trade.

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