Posted by: Sam Carson | 24 May, 2007

Stephane Dion is my friend

Yet I’ve never met him. Becoming his friend was easy, it took one mouseclick and the Facebook mug of the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party shall forever be connected with mine.

But… what does this prove? Perhaps Dion-mania posts and articles will flood into my inbox and I will feel more empowered as a supporter. If I don’t feel more empowered, if I’m not connected through my Facebook friendship with Dion, then why bother?

Also, side note: Scott Tribe, Minister in Charge of is another Facebook friend of mine that I have not met. He, however, was kind enough to invite me to the “Facebookers United Against the Poke (FUAP)” group. A group that, strangely, Dion isn’t a part of… yet.

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  1. I wonder if Dion has learned to speak English yet? Has anyone seen or heard of him lately – maybe hes over in Afghanistan visiting/supporting our brave troops. Not!

  2. Are you aiming your silly NOT jokes at my new friend?

  3. Hes my new friend and I dont understand a word hes saying in his broken English.
    “We didnt get it done.”
    Politicians – phooey!

  4. Apparently you have to have oil money to be Stephen Harper’s friend.

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