Posted by: Sam Carson | 5 June, 2007

2012 Olympic Logo takes a slating… because it’s crap.

Update:the online petition to have the logo scrapped has ended, it lasted less than three days, and amassed over 50,000 signatures.

2012 Olympic Logo

In case you’re wondering what these four blobs are, it’s the new Olympic logo for the 2012 games in London. The blobs, are actually numbers. The top two say 20, and the lower two, apparently, are a 12. Together it forms 2012, which is the year to which we will have to endure this appalling waste of money.

No, the Logo isn’t ugly for lack of money. These are some of the most expensive blobs outside of modern art. The development cost over £400,000, a figure that has prompted outrage and disbelief. Says the Telegraph newspaper:

But the logo, which cost £400,000 and took the best part of a year to be devised by brand consultants Wolff Olins, came up against widespread disapproval yesterday, with one Jewish person even ringing the BBC to complain that it was reminiscent of the infamous Nazi SS symbol.

Design guru Stephen Bayley condemned it as “a puerile mess, an artistic flop and a commercial scandal”.

However, Downing Street is on board. Tony Blair thinks these four… shapes, which will come in varied colours other than pink, can be life changing:

When people see the new brand, we want them to be inspired to make a positive change in their life.

Well I, for one, am inspired to sign the online petition to get it scrapped. And that would be a positive change.

Note: at 1630 UK time on Tuesday the 5th, a little over 24 hours after the logo was unveiled, the petition registered over 23,000 online signatures.



  1. YIKES!

    That’s bad. Almost as bad as some of the Olympic mascots in the past. I’m glad you explained the shapes.

    It looks like ice on a lake in the spring months or the continents as they formed hundreds of millions of years ago.

    Zero inspiration there, Tony! (And their idea of a zero is quiet jagged – I might add!)

    • hi 😀

  2. totally didnt get the 2-0-1-2 til I read the articles… Web 2.0 urban-chic is taking over EVERYTHING!!! 🙂

  3. It is completely absurd. I don’t know who the brain trust was that thought that “web chic” young people are going to have any time for this as well. The media has been flooded with homegrown alternatives, every single one more appealing than this, and some of them drawn by infants.

    I’m monitoring the petition, and right now, less than 48 hours after the silly thing was unveiled, there are 32,687 signatures.

  4. […] Olympic Promotional Video Causes Epileptic Seizures As the dismay over the 2012 Olympic Logo continues and the petition to have it thrown out closes in on 34,000 signatures, it has been […]

  5. As of 19:39 06-06-2007, about 60 hours after the logo was unveiled, there are 47,199 online signatures to scrap the logo and replace it with something else.

  6. i could go on paint and whack something together more appealing than this, i’ve seen more effort put into a bowl of poridge.
    How the hell did they spend £400,000 on this? I mean really, you could go to a GCSE design technology class and get thirty different designs within an hour. it’s just rediculous. £400,000 for some bint to sit on photoshop for half an hour.
    Before i read this article i was pondering over what the hell it was supposed to be, i came to the conclusion it was some kind of surrealist drawing of the british isles with the isle of man being that little blob in the middle.
    £400,000 could pay me and half my mates through uni, this is an appauling waste of money, as i’m sure the whole farcical affair of the 2021 olympics will be.


  7. i think you views are very true and i could make i logo that looks better than that in under 10 minutes lol i hope the games are better than the logo hahahahah

  8. Hey folks, the reason Tony Blair loves this so much is because it was made by his Illuminati friends…rearrange the 4 pieces and it spells ZION.

    William Blake wrote a poem in the 1800’s called Jerusalem; the last line in this poem reads…

    I will not cease from mental flight
    Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
    Till we have built Jerusalem
    In England’s green and pleasant land

    There will be a mock UFO invasion in 2012 using advanced holographic imaging technology at the Olympic games in 2012…hope everyone is ready for the NEW WORLD ORDER.

  9. It looks like lisa simpson giving head.

  10. whats up

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