Posted by: Tony Carson | 13 June, 2007

Bono — an alternative view

Who the hell is Bono anyway? 

Brendan O’Neill of Spiked has his opinions, and they are none too flattering. He’s a little fed-up watching an aging star “of a wrinkling Irish rock band who hasn’t made a decent album since 1987” strut across the world stage as if he is the G-9th. And he has a point.

Bono has become a one-man state; more than that, he’s a one-man cross-border supranational institution. He presumes to speak for millions, not on the basis of a democratic mandate but on the basis that he – mystically, magically, and because Africans are apparently too poor and destitute to speak for themselves – really, really knows what Africans want. Thus we have the utterly bizarre spectacle of a rock star putting pressure on leaders who were elected by millions of people to do what ‘I WANT’ in Africa. British newspaper columnist Rod Liddle refers to him as ‘the People’s Republic of Bono’, and wonders how long it will be before he is given ‘a seat on the United Nations security council’ or makes an announcement that ‘he is developing nuclear weapons’ (16).


  1. Who cares? Bono applies pressure on one issue where the west has consistently dropped the ball. Good on him.

    It may be a bit tiresome, but I prefer him and his cause to that of most other pop stars.

  2. I’m with you on this Sam. He’s pushing it but getting away with it….where others celebs don’t seem to have that kind of impact. They’re all good for tryng though. He is making a difference. He’s setting an example that we all can all contribute…or as he would probably say, U2 can make a difference.

  3. yes we can all sit back in our comfy sofas and think what a lovely job bono is doing with africa and his pressurising of the G8. but what we’re all missing here is the fact that canceling world debt wont do anything for the people of africa in the long run.
    western countrys have been throwing money at non industrialised countrys for decades, but where has it gone? into the pockets of corrupt government officials of these corrupt countries. Ethiopia has recieved the more aid than any other country yet it is the only country whos gnp has not increased on average per annum. we can also donate equipment for building wells, homes, infrastrucure and farming equipment, but that will not help to improve the country’s economy, as these measures only help to deepen the peoples dependance on sustainance(?) farming. If these countries are to develop, they need imput from 1st world corporations (with fair working policies) to develop the secondary, tertiary and quaternary working sectors (manufacture, service, research for those who didn’t do a-level geography lol).
    Of course they could always postpone the repayment of this debt by being dragged into iraq by the short and curlies, as we of these great british isles have done.

  4. Look at what @banjo024 did to me!!!

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