Posted by: Tony Carson | 29 June, 2007

Colourful genes


A photo provided by the Zoo Safari and Hollywoodpark Stukenbrock shows the zebra and horse crossbreed ‘Eclyse’ during its presentation to the public in Schloss Holte, Germany, on Wednesday, June 27, 2007. The father of ‘Eclyse’ is a horse from Italy, where the crossbreed filly was born in 2006, her mother is a zebra from the Safari park. (AP Photo/, Udo Richter)


  1. I reckon the zebra/horse, Eclyse, is – like a unicorn – an imaginary beast, and not even a particularly attractive one.

    I’m not very adept with PhotoShop, but I think I could have done a better job of rendering this visual blend of species.

    Shouldn’t have made the wire services.
    But, in the age of WWW and a total lack of edirorial oversight, this is what we can expect.


  2. Do ya think? Was I photoshopped? Damn, I did wonder why this was the first image of something that, if possible, would have huge market value, the designer pony. Must learn to be more cynical, which up to now I thought impossible. Thanks.

  3. I just saw video footage of the beast on the BBC. It’s real. Wow.

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