Posted by: Tony Carson | 29 June, 2007

Israel and American myopia

Whether it’s because of the famed AIPAC, the America-Israel Political Action Committee; the Rapture; the shared love of Big Armament or whatever, the Americans see an Israel the rest of the world doesn’t recognize. Two items today drive this point home.

In a NY Times editorial entitled Fuel for Lebanon’s Next War, the newspaper opines,

If another war between Lebanon and Israel is to be prevented, the traffic of Hezbollah arms and fighters across the Syrian-Lebanese border must be stopped. That’s been clear since the last round of fighting ended nine months ago and the job of monitoring the border went to the Lebanese Army, backed up by an expanded United Nations force.

The weapons that Hezbollah got from Syria had nothing to do with the start of the last go-round with Israel but everything to do with how it ended. Israel started the ‘war’ by bombing the hell out of a country that the US and the NY Times would have defenseless. And we need only look at Palestine to see how the Israelis treat the defenseless.

The second item is from the great Statesman himself who reportedly held up Israel “as a model for defining success in Iraq, saying Thursday the U.S. goal there is not to eliminate attacks but to enable a democracy that can function despite violence.”

Much of the violence that surrounds Israel is, of course, the result of the political and corporate collusion of the US and Israel which continues to foment hatred in the region by its irrationally militant treatment of its neighbours while it continues to steal its lands.

The world knows this. If the US media and religious zealots would start to tell the truth something positive might  come from the Great Peace Broker. The American people, like the rest of the world, might begin to insist on it.


  1. Much of the foolishness expressed in this post is, of course, the result of a basic lack of understanding of the facts.

  2. Which fact did you have in mind?

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