Posted by: Tony Carson | 30 June, 2007

670k Torontonians on Facebook

There are more people in Toronto on Facebook than in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco combined — 670,038 members as of this week, that’s 13% of the city has signed up.


Why is T.O. the capital of Facebook? Alexandra Shimo in the Toronto Star provides some suprising answers to the question, including:

Torontonians are more likely to be well educated than residents of most other North American cities, with higher numbers going to post-secondary education.


Once numbers have reached a certain mass, the booming popularity can become a self-fulfilling phenomenon. This concept is known as the tipping point, and it refers to that critical moment when growth explodes.


In fact,


The site is so popular that City of Toronto employees were banned from using it while at work last month. The ban was necessary, officials announced, to remove the temptation to waste “an inordinate amount of time“.



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