Posted by: Sam Carson | 5 July, 2007

iPhone: how to work “the buzz”, but will it sell?

Though the iPhone is months away from being released of here in the UK, we know all about it. It has just been announced that O2 will be the British carrier of the new Apple toy. The buzz has been incredible, and it isn’t just the readers of Carson’s Post that is subjected to hearing all about this machine. Pretty much everyone it is talking about it, and Data Mining has the data, percentage of blogs with reference to the iPhone:

iPhone Buzz

However, the Guardian’s media section says thats all it will be: buzz. The article states that 31% of Americans polled were interested in having one device to do portable media, internet and phone.

International research conducted by media agency Universal McCann has concluded that Apple’s goal of selling 10m iPhones by the end of 2008 is too ambitious.

The report goes on to look at more bad news for the iPhone:

Universal McCann’s report goes on to say that the lack of a 3G connection in the iPhone, which supports faster data speeds, goes against the trend of 3G driving mobile uptake in key markets, particularly Asia.

The survey of 10,000 people found that on average 43% wanted to use a 3G device, demonstrating a higher demand than for iPods, laptops and other media players. In China that figure rose to 72%, and in Malaysia it was 67%.

Across the whole survey, 33% also said they wanted live TV on their mobile, which requires a 3G connection.

On the other hand, tech guru Robert Scoble has ended the discussion on Carson’s Post over the iPhone versus it’s Nokia rival, the N95. Scoble, who owns the N95, says that for photography it kills the iPhone. The rest, however, is all iPhone:

The iPhone is superior in almost every way to the Nokia N95. The battery life is better. The contact management is better. The Web browser is better. The photo taking experience is better. The screen is better. The wireless management is better.

The marketing is better, too, it created this buzz.

The article in MediaGuardian is wrong. I’m never going to hear the end of this, but I was wrong too. The iPhone will sell and sell well. It is an “it” thing, unlike the N95, and will kill Blackberry and Palm, and reduce Nokia and Motorola to the cheap seats.


  1. The iPhone is like any other phone music,video’s,internet browsing, i just dont see the point in buying one. i mean yes it’s pretty cool to have a touch sensitive phone but i went down to my local cingular store and they had an iPhone so i asked if i could try out it. You would have to press it really hard, and it would practically damage the screen, and they didnt carry a little pen like most palm pilots do.

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