Posted by: Sam Carson | 5 July, 2007

One Laptop Per Child Laptop in action

OLPC in Nigeria

Is this beautiful site the start of something really special? The “$100 Laptop” OLPC project was rolled out in this Nigerian school in March this year. Looking at the power of this new media device is Carla Gomez-Monroy, a former MIT Media Lab student, volunteering with the Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development (SEED) Foundation.

Five primary 4 children are working on a dictionary of their local languages, and working on here means constructing. The project has been modified from a list of words that Abiword (the word processing software activity) did not recognize to a formal-looking local language to English dictionary.

They split the team into two to work on two different local languages simultaneously. It is simple but outstanding work. These children work on their dictionary project during school hours in between class assignments, when otherwise they would be restless.


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