Posted by: Sam Carson | 10 July, 2007

Telegraph Newspaper starting a “Making News” blog, for breaking news.

As traditional media continues to scratch it’s head over what to do with this new “web 2.0 thing”, there will be interesting experiments.  One of those is the Guardian Newspaper’s “Comment is Free” section, which seems to provide a very interesting forum for interesting thought.  Across town, the Telegraph Newspaper’s web site is not to be out blogged, and have recently launched a breaking news blog called “Making News”.

The idea behind it is to get the new out there fast. Marcus Warren, the editor of the Telegraph’s web presence, explains:

The latest thinking is that ”Making News” should reflect the sort of conversations and snap judgments played out around the news desk through the day.

So, breaking news faster than anybody else then.  It should be an interesting concept, and I am surprised it hasn’t been tried before.  I wonder if the blog will survive it’s first controversially premature post.  Or how the Telegraph’s journalism and reporters will fare with the new technology.

Any thoughts?

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