Posted by: Tony Carson | 20 July, 2007

Chrysler learns that toasting pooch isn’t appropriate

See this? Chrysler pulls SUV ad with electrocuted dog.

Seems a Dutch advertising company, for the Dutch market, had created an advertisement that had a dog peeing on the wheel of a Dodge Nitro SUV, getting electrocuted and then bursting into flames! (It has been pulled from YouTube.)

Pretty funny stuff until the allegations against Michael Vick taught us all that killing animals isn’t quite as funny … as we have always thought.

And then the appalling corporate hypocrisy:

“Chrysler Group was dismayed to discover that an advertisement created by an ad agency supporting our Netherlands Market Performance Center goes far beyond the bounds of what the company considers appropriate,” Chrysler said in a statement. As if this ad hadn’t been approved by the company.

The company said the ad included “fictional yet inappropriate treatment of an animal” and said it was “in extremely bad taste.”

“Although European commercials — especially ‘viral’ ads like this one — are often edgier, this one went over the edge,” Chrysler said in the statement. The company said it was “investigating the origins of this commercial.”

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