Posted by: Tony Carson | 21 July, 2007

UAE might place first troops in Afghanistan

The news that the United Arab Emirates may send troops to participate in the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan is both wonderful news and starkly revealing: where have Arab Nations been in the fight against a band of radicals who are indiscriminately killing and ruining the reputation of their religion?

“If the report is accurate,” reports the AFP in an article entitled UAE troops could fight alongside Canadians in Afghanistan, “the Afghanistan deployment is believed to be a first for an Arab nation and a diplomatic coup for Canada,” adding, “… the UAE tactical force would be small and mostly symbolic, and serve under Canadian commanders in the field.”

But is this a case of too little, too late?

Yes, unless the engagement of this one tiny Arab nation becomes quickly contagious and its more muscular and influential brethren get involved. While that appears unlikely, this is an interesting development in the sense that the UAE is now to Canada in Afghanistan what the British are to Bush in Iraq. 


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