Posted by: Tony Carson | 26 July, 2007

Runners find dead bodies, not the joggers


Blogger copyranter explains this bizarre, yet effective, if slightly snobbish and violent ad.

Pearl Izumi, owned by Nautilus, is a 50-year-old Japanese company best known for its competition biking apparel. Running shoe-wise, they are small-time in the USA. They recently began a print campaign in Runner’s World tagged with the website By bashing “joggers” in what is the monthly bible for runners, they are certainly preaching to the choir. The macabre headline stops you in your tracks, and and the even more macabre copy keeps you there. It’s the anti-Run Easy. But does it inspire trial, or just simply make you feel better about being a “runner?” I believe the latter. But, if I didn’t yet know the Pearl Izumi name, I know it now. I guess that’s something. Only in a deeply-read niche magazine like RW could the company get away with placing an ad with no logo, and such small type on their sign-off. (this a low rez scan of the ad; the copy is much clearer in the magazine.)


  1. I love these ads. My favorite print ad is of a jogger who is covered with sweat & collapsed on a sidewalk with an IV drip hooked up. The Ad reads “Jogging never humbled anyone”

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