Posted by: Tony Carson | 13 August, 2007

Rich, cash-strapped widow is Cuba

The story of the Rich Canadian widow cash-strapped in Cuba has all the sad elements of Cuba itself.

Though healthy, the 107 year old Mary McCarthy lives in dilapidated poverty among people she loves while a vengeful, powerful neighbouring government deprives her of her own money and the country of her birth pitifully begs for an annuity to keep her from death.

When history writes the story of Castro’s Cuba it’s hard to see how the US will come off as being anything other than a tyrannical bully.

Just as Ms McCarthy, people make choices for their countries, some of them good, others not and they have to live with them. The Cubans accepted Castro, Iraq accepted Saddam, the US accepted Bush.

Who but history is to say if the choice is right or wrong?

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