Posted by: Tony Carson | 15 August, 2007

Facebook, college and the vetting process

Your kid is finally going to college. So what’s the first thing you do? Head to Facebook.

Across the country college administrators said they are getting more pleas than ever from Facebook frazzled parents.

“They call based on the information that they see on Facebook and they say that their son or their daughter can’t possibly live with that person,” said Deb DiCaprio, Marist College’s dean of students.

Syracuse University has formulated a response to such a request.

“Our response to that is, we do not move students. We do not discriminate at all,” said Syracuse University housing director Robin Berkowtiz-Smith.



  1. So, is it a generational thing with Facebook settings, or what? Because no one can see ANYTHING about me on Facebook beyond my name and profile picture unless they’re already my friend.

    Do a lot of younger people have their profiles open to everyone?

    Funny story though. Good to see the University say “too bad”.

    Some parents really need help letting go.

  2. I assume it would be due to looking at college networks, status messages, etc. I would think it would be possible to display a bad impression without making your profile public.

    Particularly to parents who would be that annoying.

  3. that is so typical very parentlious lols .. anyways way to go to the universities keep it up the student have to grow up some time or the other, and thank you for making it clear to the FACEBOOK parents to butt out!!

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