Posted by: Tony Carson | 20 August, 2007

Ex-U.S. Ambassador backs Canada’s Arctic claim

Wow, having to endure all those imperious lectures from former US Ambassador Paul Cellucci is finally paying a dividend: he is saying that the Northwest Passage should be part of Canada.

“That would enable the Canadian navy to intercept and board vessels in the Northwest Passage to make sure they’re not trying to bring weapons of mass destruction into North America,” Cellucci told CTV’s Question Period yesterday. “My hope is that the United States will take a second look at our long-standing position.”

It’s not the first time Cellucci has made the pitch. He spoke out on the subject on a trip to the North in 2004 and reiterated his views last year.

Cellucci is a long-time friend of US President Bush.

The Toronto Star story is here:  Ex-U.S. envoy backs Canada’s Arctic claim


  1. Many of folks talk about this subject but you wrote down really true words.

  2. I think the above comment is from one of the more erudite spammers.

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