Posted by: Tony Carson | 21 August, 2007

CPAC, a royal waste of money

Is there any more boring station on TV than CPAC? Well, not including the History channel.

Is Canada so uninteresting that the best we can do is show committee hearing meetings that no one could possible care to watch?

CPAC should be an opportunity to reflect Canadiana, instead it is dead air. Even the History channel, a rival for dead air, where the film the Dirty Dozen passes as WW II history, offers more, marginally more.

We don’t do these specialty channels at all well. Perhaps it’s a lack of money due to a relatively small population. But I doubt it. We don’t do these channels well because there is no incentive to do so.

But it reflects poorly on us. Better they weren’t there at all than to make us aware, as we graze on by, that we don’t know how to interpret our past or envision our future, we invest only in keeping an eye on our present. That’s too bad.

Here’s what CPAC claims to be doing:

CPAC, the Cable Public Affairs Channel, is Canada’s only privately-owned, commercial free, not for profit, bilingual licensed television service. Created in 1992 by a consortium of cable companies to preserve an independent editorial voice for Canada’s democratic process, CPAC provides a window on Parliament, politics and public affairs in Canada and around the world. Since 1992, the cable industry has invested close to $50 million in CPAC, and today CPAC programming is delivered by cable, satellite and wireless distributors to over 10 million homes in Canada, and worldwide via 24/7 webcasting and podcasts available on this website.

For the most part, CPAC has royally wasted $50 million, and worse, there appears to be no end in sight.


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