Posted by: Tony Carson | 21 August, 2007

Taking your own life

Our view on experimental medicines: If all else fails, let the dying try unapproved drugs.

That’s USA Today stance on the subject, then it asks: in hopeless situations why not let a patient and his or her doctor, rather than bureaucrats, make the final, desperate, informed decision?

Hold on a sec, there is a more fundamental question here? Why not allow terminally ill patients, rather than bureaucrats, make the final decision to take their own life? Deal with that one first. But they don’t.

But surely, when we talk about the rights of the patient we are talking about the ultimate life and death decision. We either have control over our physical destiny or we don’t.

We’ve all heard the euthanasia arguments, pro and con and we’ve probably all taken sides, but in the end the question boils down to who’s life is it, anyway?

Just as the state shouldn’t be the one to decide on the prohibition of experimental drugs, nor should the state be allowed to keep life when it’s long past it due date.

It is cowardly for USA Today not to raise this point in their editorial. It would seem obvious that a ruling on one is a ruling on the other.

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