Posted by: Tony Carson | 22 August, 2007

Sidney Crosby wants to be your tailor

How much money do these young athletes need? And just because you can make more, just by signing your name, don’t you lose something, too? Like respect.

These kids are sucked into the corporate vortex on the lure of glits, glamour, money and exposure and what they spit out is meaningless, soulless … stuff. In Canada, you couldn’t watch TV for an hour without Wayne Gretzky trying to sell you a car. Now it’s Sydney Crosby trying to get you into a new wardrobe. His:

Sidney Crosby has been doubling as a fashion consultant with Reebok and has developed his very own line of clothing. It’s been a hands-on experience for the NHL’s most valuable player.

“It was funny because I was getting these prints and these designs sent to me at home,” Crosby said Tuesday at the launch for the fall collection of his Rbk SC87 line. “I’d be with my parents and we’d be discussing what’s in style and what’s out of style.

Yes, it’s funny, because yesterday he didn’t know cotton from rayon and today he’s a fashion consultant.

It all comes off as exploitive opportunistic greed because you can imagine the kind of pressure the kid is under and you can imagine the kind of avaricious advice he is getting.

Is this just harmless profiteering?

At one level, yes, take it while you can. But at another level, a moral level (only a memory), you would hope that one of these guys would say ‘my name is more important to me than a corporate logo; I’d like to use it for things that matter. I have enough money. More than I need, actually.’

I know, I know, but still, it would be nice.

The sad story is here: Armani, Versace … and Crosby?:


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