Posted by: Tony Carson | 23 August, 2007

YouTube effaces video art with ads

Further to our post: YouTube: multi ways to make a buck

“These videos are made by us, for us, and should not see the creative content impeded.”

I think this guy, EloiCasali, who emailed YouTube to complain about the over-layed video ads, has a valid and perhaps even a legal point.

And Cenzo74 complained, “Video is art. Film is art. And for you to paint over their artwork (with their ads) is a complete atrocity. Place your ads somewhere else.”

Does YouTube have the right to change a submission for any purpose, never mind to make money?

Wouldn’t it be like flickr adding a corporate logo to the pictures you upload?

YouTube has the right to make money through advertising, but do they have the right to place that advertising directly on the creative submission itself?

There must be all kinds of legal precedent for this so it would seem they have the right. But in seeming so, it is unseemly.

The story is here: YouTube fans rant, threaten to leave over new ads.


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