Posted by: Tony Carson | 24 August, 2007

Out-of-body experience recreated

Experts have found a way to trigger an out-of-body experience in volunteers.

Wow, maybe we are that much closer to finding out where we go when we die, right?

Ah, well, no, the utility of these experiments is to get us that much closer to “taking video games to the next level of virtuality so the players feel as if they are actually inside the game.”

Hard to make much sense out of this, but the BBC has it and its entitled Out-of-body experience recreated.



  1. There is a perceptual game that has been around for a while in which you sit a person in a chair and drap their arms, then stand behind them and rest your arm out from the drape. (Here’s where I get a little hazy) I think you stroke their hidden arm while they stroke your exposed arm and they begin to ‘feel’ that your exposed arm is their arm. If I’m wrong on the process maybe someone can help out. Yeh, perception, disassociation, all weird stuff. I think we have to wait til we’re fully on the other side before we can really say we have experienced it.

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