Posted by: Tony Carson | 25 August, 2007

The airport turban search

The need to inconvenience everyone to find the one has become life in the ‘oughties’. It’s a pain in the ass and, because there is no functioning international anti-terroism intelligence network that anyone has any confidence in, we must endure the hassle.

Which brings up this issue from the BBC: US Sikhs angry over turban plan.

You can easily see both side to this issue: the Sikhs are angry that their religious apparel is unnecessarily searched; authorities want the right to search.

The crux of this issue seems to be this: if the metal detector doesn’t go off, why should security be allowed to search a turban?

Reasonable. But I could make the same argument: if a metal detector doesn’t go off, why should security officials be allowed to search me? But they do. And I’ve seen them pat down mature, beepless woman so thoroughly it was erotic.

So, sorry, Sikhs, as the Americans say, ‘that dog won’t hunt.’

But it’s another reason why we should be upping the intelligence and downing the inconvenience. We’re all for that.



  1. Comments on this post:

    Harjinder Singh

    Dear Tony,

    As you go by the BBC news item I am not surprised that you did not get things quite right.

    There was an agreement between the US Sikh community and whichever body it is that does the security checks at US airports.

    The problem now is that without any consultations or even information this agreement has been broken.

    There might be good reasons to change the routine, I do not know. It might also be just one of these knee-jerk reactions that the authorities in this country (UK) under the now departed but not missed Mr T Blair were so keen on.

    Dealing with people, whether they are non-standard like the Sikhs, or your average guy like Mr Bush, involves in situations like this at the very least informing them of the change of policy, and if at all possible it would be even better if they give the reason why.

    United Sikhs are the people who know all about it, the person I spoke to is called Mejinderpal Kaur.

    Kind Regards,

    Harjinder Singh UK

    Turloc Singh
    Some Sikhs have come to utilize common sense. It’s a no brainier. For most. So they settled for a pat down, so much for “don’t touch the sacred object.” Now how about my 3-foot Kirpan.

    Some humans are intellectually dense. Some are still mired in the past. Grab a calendar. The year is 2007. Not 1507.

    In simple layman’s terms: Should Guru Har Gobin in today’s World go to an airport brandishing his two swords, Miri and Piri, he would not be allowed to board the plane in any airport in the civilized world.

    Is that too hard to grasp?


    Meanwhile what’s going on in the Punjab.
    Folks there have shorn their hair, shaved and are dressing in Western garb.

    The Zealots have all moved out, and moved West. So now we have to put up with the CRAP.

    Check it out for yourself on the web.

    Punjab online Discussions under “Turban Decline.”

    Turloc Singh

    Satnam Kaur:
    Hi Turloc,
    What is the meaning of Singh after your name? Only people who have taken the amrit i.e wear kirpan and turban call themselves Singh or Kaur.

    Harjinder Singh:
    A Chara,

    Turloc Singh,

    Ireland is not Sikh free, there are at least two Gurdwaré and possibly three.

    For the rest your e-mail is very confused and badly organised. If you want to have a discussion please make your point clearly, and then I will try and respond to you.

    Kind Regards,

    Mise le meas,


    Harjinder Singh

  2. Hey Turloc (that may or may not be your real name, well i greet with whatever it is…),

    how come you hav these biased views (as seen on your own blog, that you started pretty much the at the same time as this post) and you’re not up for any debate… like u said in your post.. its not 1507, its 2007… so may be its time for you to make an informed decision.. get both sides of the story..and not just feed on whats given to you on the internet.. or believe and interpret all that you “see” and hear…

    Harjinder Singh has invited you to have a debate … seems like you haven’t responded but you continue to ridicule Sikhs of being backward and all of that jazz.. when you are the one who is not stepping up to a discussion, enabling you to make an informed decision…

    I tried to put this comment on your own blog but it seems that you are being ignorant and have not allowed people to post comments on your blog.. i just want to get this message to you.. n i believe that you will man up.. and actually respond..

    Amarinder Singh
    and yes i’m a “fanatic” Sikh housed by Canada as that would fit your definition of me…

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