Posted by: Tony Carson | 27 August, 2007

Airlines tickets: the hope will become a prayer

There was something reassuring about that airline ticket you held in your hand. It didn’t always get you on the plane, you may have been bumped for any number of reasons, but at least it told you that you should be on the plane.

That ticket is all but gone now and will be finally finished by June next year when the paperless ticket will be universal, bought out by the e-ticket, so many bytes stored wherever the carrier says it is stored.

This Reuters article entitled Airlines body bids farewell to paper tickets tells us why this change-over is happening and when and to what gain, but it doesn’t deal with one of the central issues of this modernity: nerves.

You have a plane to catch, people to meet, places to see, experiences to be had — does the airline remember? And when it doesn’t what do you show the indifferent clerk beyond your sweating brow?


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