Posted by: Tony Carson | 27 August, 2007

‘If I did it’ — Amazon top 5 pre-orders

The unseemly saga of The Juice continues.

Deemed ‘obscene,’ OJ Simpson’s tell-all cum if-all was pulled from the printers when the courts ruled an injunction against it. The aggrieved Goldmans got that injunction lifted as a way of realizing some of the $38 million wrongful death award the families received from a civil court. The book will soon be published.

But not stocked, not by Amazon and, perhaps, not by the others who will, at any rate, fill all orders.

Hard to pick a winner in this one: not OJ, not the families, not the publisher, not the booksellers. With all, profit and greed are the inspiration to ignore morality. And not the book buyers, either.

If the average reader buys one book a year, let it not be this one.


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