Posted by: Tony Carson | 27 August, 2007

Pilates, now a discipline. Meet the disciple.

“It’s a not-for-profit professional body.”

Huh? Not for profit exercise? That’s an oxymoron, isn’t it?

Lynne Robinson, the recognized Queen of Pilates, has formed an international Body Control Pilates Association that hasn’t been established to grind out yet another buck from the exercise industry.

She wants to turn Pilates into a science.

As this Globe and Mail article The Queen of Pilates holds court explains, “The association sets a curriculum and a series of exams, both practical and written, that potential instructors must complete before going on to do apprenticeships in studios. It developed a Pilates instruction certification standard called L3, the world’s first.

Ms Robinson has established a curriculum of a 110 Pilates exercises, only 8 of which came down from Joe Pilates, the German-cum-Brit-cum-American who established the exercise regime after the 2nd WW that became so popular with dancers rehabing their injuries.

Ms Robinson formed her Body Control Pilates Association ten years ago because so many teaching Pilates had no idea what they were doing. Now it is Europe’s largest Pilates organization with more than 800 teaching members. International, South Africa, Denmark, Portugal and Canada have Body Control Pilates Associations.

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