Posted by: Tony Carson | 28 August, 2007

On spotting the Halloween pumpkin in August

OK. So we’ve reluctantly adapted to the tinkling of jingle bells long before we take on the Thanksgiving turkey. We’ve learned to resist purchasing Valentines cards lest they outlast the relationship. But dark and eerie Halloween in bright and sultry August? That’s marketing wizardry that requires serious corporate review.

In more innocent times, the anticipation of festive holidays took place in the soul. Now it takes place in advertising display in store windows … ever further in advance of the event.

It’s funny, ridiculous and sickening at the same time but that is no deterrent to the cunning sellers who are always inventing new ways to remove money from your pockets. Take Halloween, for instance.

As Anna Shaff in The Christian Science Monitor points out in her article entitled Halloween creeps into summer’s ease:

• Americans spend almost $5 billion last year on Halloween

• that nearly a 50% increase over the $3.29 billion spent in 2005

• an average consumer spends nearly $60 on Halloween

• spends $22 per costume

• Halloween is the second biggest decorating holiday after Christmas

Hey, it’s August, time enough to bag some overtime so you can have a more lavish display in November than your neighbour had in December.

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