Posted by: Tony Carson | 28 August, 2007

Statins: why don’t they put this in our water?

People have been popping statins/lipitors for years as they (we) continue ingesting the potentially artery-clogging fare of the day. But these range of statins seem to be doing a lot more than just helping to prevent clogged arteries.

Take today’s news, for instance: two entirely separate article about entirely different benefits from the same drug.

Statins ‘life saving’ for strokes, screams the BBC headline:

The small-scale study from Spain found the chances of dying, or requiring full-time care were nearly five times higher if statins were interrupted.

Statin use may stall onset of Alzheimer’s onset, blared the Globe and Mail:

A popular cholesterol-lowering drug may also stall the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study has found. The research … shows that people who took statins – a class of drugs that includes Lipitor and Zocor – had fewer signs of the degenerative brain disorder compared with those not given the drugs.

The statins seem like a true miracle drug with new benefits announced all the time. With the rising rate of obesity, diabetes and the rest, maybe it’s time to start thinking about putting this in our drinking water. Well, we should wait until the patent runs out … if it ever does.

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