Posted by: Tony Carson | 29 August, 2007

Goodbye and Hello

We have moved … and while we have done all the heavy lifting, you have to follow the new directions, otherwise you will be lost and our move will have been all for nothing.

So let’s get together on this. Here is the new address, it’s pretty simple:

And a note. When I said we did all the work on this I lied misspoke. My co-blogger and son, Sam, did all the work, single handedly and when you visit the new site I think you’ll agree he did a terrific job.

How did he do it? I’m no techie but I understand Sam used the Drupal ‘engine’ which, apparently, allows for much greater blogging flexibility, a flexibility which will be dynamic, allowing new features to be added from time to time.

I’m proud of our new site and proud of Sam for his effort. So visit us and if you agree with me, let Sam know: there’s an easy Contact Us button in the menu bar, one of the flexible features I referred to.

And thanks for your support in the past. We hope we can be together in the future … like in a minute


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