Posted by: Tony Carson | 1 September, 2007

Iraq: ‘failing’ or ‘progress’

OK, which is it?

Two news agencies take the same information and write two entirely different stories, with two entirely conflicting headlines:

The BBC tells us that Iraq ‘fails to meet key targets’

Reuters is infinitely more gentle: Iraq says making progress ahead of key reports

Both reports deal with the so-called 18 benchmarks upon which the Bush Administration pins all hope for progress in Iraq. Progress on these are what the surge was all about and they are central to the critical report to be given (apparently, by the Bush Administration to the Bush Administration) in mid-September.

But which is it: ‘failing’ or ‘progress’?

Wars may be mirky affairs but a line of basic truth must be evident to the critical observer.

The trouble with ‘new’ today is that here is no longer any pretense of objectivity, meaning that we have to spend so much time evaluating the messenger.

Currently, my messenger of choice in Iraq is CNN’s Michael Ware. But that’s today. I’ll probably change horses when I start disagreeing with him. Do you see anything wrong with that? I do.

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