Posted by: Tony Carson | 1 September, 2007

The senator, the media and dignity

The Sen. Larry Craig fiasco is an embarrassment to all involved.

First, what harm was done, to whom? Was the stinging cop threatened? No, at no time, he may not even have been solicited, not in any overt way.

Second, when the critical evidence is that the senator, debatably, tap his toes and had his left hand under a stall when it should have been his right seems pretty feeble even if true. And as for the wide stance and the near or close touching of the feet, big deal.

Third, the senators conduct was embarrassing, obviously, and he may well have an emotional problem, but this act shouldn’t be his downfall.

Fourth, and here is my main bitch, why do US police forces make perp photos and tapes available to the public? I find that disgraceful, particularly after the cop says he won’t do it. This should have been a minor, inconclusive incident at best; the senator should have been let off with a warning that no doubt would have kept him out of that washroom for life. Losing a career over something as silly and non-aggressive as this? Ridiculous.

And fifth, the media, the drooling media, a media that has fumbled every ball passed to it in an entire decade now gleefully piles on with this scant and questionable evidence as if the crime had been overt child molestation. The alacrity of their glee over this situation shows just how truly fragile their commitment is to justice and fair play.

Like with the Iraq war and so many other important issues, the media have become pathetic, simplistic cheerleaders, something we are learning to expect from them.

The senator may well be guilty, he pleaded so (after the officer’s insinuation that the issue would go away), but so is the police guilty and so is the media guilty.

But the biggest loser in all of this is human dignity. There just wasn’t any, anywhere, inside the stall or out.


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