Posted by: Tony Carson | 3 September, 2007

The Bush photo op in Iraq

So US President George Bush flies 12 hours for 6 hours at a dusty air base in a remote part of Anbar province.

He deliberately by-passed Baghdad to send a message that he isn’t pleased with political progress. And he wants to see things ‘first hand.’

First hand, so according to this AP account, Bush makes war assessment in Iraq

The president stopped at a small building where a Marine Cobra pilot briefed him about the positives and negatives of current troop rotations. He told the president that troops were not getting enough time at home and did not have enough time for training.

“Morale?” asked Bush. “How’s morale?”

“Very high sir,” the pilot, Capt. Lee Hemming, said.

Pretty sure he hand picked Capt. Hemming from a crowd for his ‘first hand’ account and I’m equally sure that the Captain wasn’t heavily briefed and was speaking for pretty much all the grunts who endure 110º heat for the pleasure of not being able to tell a good guy from a bad guy, an Iraqi from a foreigner, a Shiite from a Sunni.

There are some people who might try to deride this trip as a photo opportunity,” White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino said. “We wholeheartedly disagree.”

“There is no substitute for sitting down, looking him in the eye, and having a conversation with him,” National Security Advisor, Stephen Hadley said. “The president felt this is something he had to do in order to put himself in a position to make some important decisions.”

The important decision should be made by the Democrats. Don’t fund a war that has no end.


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