Posted by: Tony Carson | 3 September, 2007

The co-op brothel: socializing sex

The time has passed for moralizing about why men buy sex and why people sell it. Let’s step forward and into the reality of it and have a safe, fair, good workplace for it.”

That is Jody Paterson speaking. She is an ex-journalist turned advocated for a prostitute support group in Victoria called PEERS, Prostitutes Empowerment Education and Resource Society and she wants to start a co-operative brother in Victoria, British Columbia.

A co-operative brothel? “Our aim is to listen to the people in the industry and say, `What do you want?'” she said. That was their answer.

A co-operative brothel is one where the profits will be used to help prostitutes with issues ranging from health issues, drug detox and counselling to assist workers who want to leave the sex trade.

In other words, this brothel would cut out the middle madam and direct the profits to the workers themselves: socialized sex, if you will.

The brothel is at least a year away from opening its doors but it has already received wide-spread support, not only among sex-trade workers, but also from key members of the public.

The full story is at the Toronto Star: The would-be madam of Victoria :


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