Posted by: Tony Carson | 4 September, 2007

Men looking for beauty, women for bucks

If you need more evidence of the superficiality of men over the thoughtfulness of women, read this article Women ‘choosier’ over partners.

The proof here is from ‘speed dating,’ the new find-a-wife phenomenon that adds a new wrinkle (although wrinkles are not advised) to the wild west cattle call.

Seems men are most attracted … wait for it, to the more attractive, while women … drum roll, are attracted to the most monied.

Not only that but men are, ah, randier, too. They want to see every second woman they visited again, while women choose a more discerning every third.

Maybe it is time to accept all the evidence. Every study known to man has proven that men are shallow, selfish, horny and fleeting while women are, well, everything that men aren’t. We get it.

So, where’s the next speed-dating try-out?


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