Posted by: Tony Carson | 4 September, 2007

Rock stars as role models

Talk about a self-defeating message.

An article in the BBC, Why rock and roll stars die young, states that “100 stars died between 1956 and 2005 with US stars dying at 42 on average and those from Europe at 35.”

Not hard to figure out why. The slogan ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ seems to say it all. So what’s the problem? The fast lane has always had a lot more risks then the pedestrian pathway most of us walk.

Well, the problem is the inevitable roll-model attraction: one in 10 children in the UK want to be a pop star.

The solution? Get this. “Stars could do more to actively promote positive health messages, but these need to be backed up by example.” That’s from the lead researcher of the study, Professor Mark Bellis.

Can you imagine Keith Richards taking 5 minutes at the end of his act to explain possible health issues from his performance, or changing his life-style to send a better message. Talk about career suicide.

Rock stars create a culture by being counter-culturalists. Leave them to their art, teach the 1 in 10 to be a little more ambitious.


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