Posted by: Tony Carson | 6 September, 2007

Israel and the US: the fly is swatting the man

Syria accused Israel of infiltrating its airspace and bombing its territory on Thursday and warned it could respond. The Israeli military said it would make no comment on the report.

It is hardly news that the Israeli military marches to its own martial drummer — and is seldom held accountable — but it is useful to imagine what might have been the response, domestically and internationally, if it was the other way around: if Syria had idly bombed Israel.

It’s hardly news that Israel has been spoiling for a war against Syria and Iran, And tthey have done all they can to inveigle the US into this co-conpiracy, see earlier post. But what does this action do to the peace initiatives that are suddenly enticing the region: the Arab Plan, Rice’s trips and encouragement, and the selection of Tony Blair as peace envoy?

Israel has long been the single most disruptive force to peace in the Middle East. That the US will continue to tolerate its actions while subsidizing its government and building its armory is beyond irrational: the fly is swatting the man.

Why does the US continue to pretend that peace has a chance in that region when Israeli actions continue to make a mockery of them?


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