Posted by: Tony Carson | 6 September, 2007

On Dinosaurs and that Meteorite

U.S. and Czech researchers used computer simulations to calculate that there was a 90% probability that the collision of two asteroids — one about 105 miles wide and one about 40 miles wide — was the event that precipitated the Earthly disaster.

There you have it. The speculation that dinosaurs may have succumbed to a gigantic meteor shower moves ever closer to absolute fact.

This article, Distant space collision meant doom for dinosaurs, fills in a lot of the blanks to the theory including pin-pointing where and when the collision occurred that created the “dinosaur-destroying meteorite, thought to have measured 6 miles across, (that) plunged into Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and blasted out the Chicxulub crater measuring about 110 miles wide.

In addition “The researchers estimated that there also was about a 70 percent probability that the prominent Tycho crater on the Moon, formed 108 million years ago and measuring about 55 miles across, also was carved out by a remnant of the earlier asteroid collision.”

The study also speculates on what impact the meteorite might have had on us.

“Dinosaurs were around for a very long time. So the likelihood is they would still be around if that event had never taken place,” said William Bottke of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, one of the researchers.

“Was humanity inevitable? Or is humanity just something that happened to arise because of this sequence of events that took place at just the right time. It’s hard to say.”

Clearly in this study intelligent design wasn’t considered an option.


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