Posted by: Tony Carson | 6 September, 2007

US Senate, a sweet deal

Being a US Senator must be one sweet deal.

Why else would the entrapped Larry Craig want to embarrass everyone — his state, his party, his nation, his family, hisself — to hang onto his seat by seeking to withdraw his guilty plea at the suggestion of just 1/100th of that August body, Senator Arlen Spectre?

But that’s hardly the only evidence that the Senate is a Paradise on Earth. Think of this. Until recently, Virginia Senator John Warner was actually considering yet another 6-year term in the Senate — at the age of 80. West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd is still serving after his election in 1946. He is now 89.

The average age of the 100-member chamber in January 2005, the beginning of the 109th Congress, was 60.4 years old. That’s the oldest it has ever been. The House’s average age is 55, the oldest since at least 1949. The national median age in 2004 was 36.2.

Someone, somewhere once wrote that there is more turn-over in the sclerotic British House of Lords than there is in the US Senate.

Looking at the stats, it seems that has more to do with exemplary health care than electability.


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