Posted by: Tony Carson | 7 September, 2007

Drivers getting new ways to kill time

For those of us who have car dashboards with heater switches, a radio and an ashtray, who knew?

The market for automotive infotainment products is set to grow to about $54 billion by 2012 from $38 billion currently, according to research group iSuppli in this Reuters article entitled Microsoft, Siemens to develop in-car infotainment.

Infotainment means everything from navigating devices to TV screen and iPod links and a whole lot more.

Microsoft and German technology giant Siemens have just announced they will join forces to develop in-car entertainment and navigation products that should make it easier for consumers to connect devices such mobile phones and m

The companies said their first milestone would be a multimedia platform that would make it possible to integrate consumer-electronic functions and portable devices.

Rush hour is no doubt the inspiration for these devises. With the average time spent in the snarl of traffic drivers and their passengers (when they have them) are looking for newer ways to be entertained or to communicate … or to find a way around the traffic problem.

Drivers today are increasingly sitting targets for new and better ways to kill time.


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