Posted by: Tony Carson | 8 September, 2007

APEC — Global warming will be a threat … tomorrow

It appears that the APEC leaders have done what leaders do around the world, identify an already known problem then kick it down the road.

“The world needs to slow, stop and then reverse the growth of global greenhouse gas emissions,” said the statement from the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum, to which the Australian Prime Minister added, “We are serious about addressing in a sensible way, compatible with our different economic needs, the great challenge of climate change.”

How serious? Well, the leaders, in agreeing that greenhouse gas reduction strategies should reflect “differences in economic and social conditions” in each country, created a series of non-binding, ‘aspirational’ goals that the Aussie PM said were “a very important milestone” towards an international deal.

Greenpeace said the agreement was a “distraction” rather than a “declaration.”

Toothless commitments are no commitments at all.

In Canada, where Prime Minister Stephen Harper had no problem tearing up Canada’s signed commitment to Kyoto, ignoring ‘aspirational’ goals will be a cinch.

Clearly the threat of global warming should be a vital concern only to those politicians who follow.

The story is here: Apec leaders reach climate deal


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