Posted by: Tony Carson | 8 September, 2007

Tomorrow’s hassle-free buying

Mouserug 1962 20715454

While talking to a receptionist a few weeks ago, I noticed this really neat mini- prayer rug under her mouse. “What a fantastic idea! Where did you get it?” She told me, I wrote it down, went online when I got home, ordered and in a few days they arrived. My world is a more peaceful, more meaningful, more colourful place.

But by contemporary standards, getting my nifty little prayer rugs was a hassle. It would be far better if I could avoid all those pesky little multi-stepped details that most of us avoid and thereby cheat ourself of some really neat stuff. No more.

iTune tagging is the future. “The service lets listeners with HD Radio receivers containing a special tag button, to “tag” songs they hear on the FM dial for subsequent purchase via Apple’s iTunes,” said the article:

iTune tagging unveiled.

So how hard is it to imagine tomorrow? I want the mini-prayer rug, I get the receptionist to go on-line, tag it for me through a Google search, which would throw the rug into my own store, which would order it and pay for it and Bob’s your uncle — no notes, no memory drain, no need to dither: all action.

These little prayer rugs are fabulous and available from


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