Posted by: Tony Carson | 8 September, 2007

Why would a Millionaire buy a lottery ticket?

What does it say about a guy whose net worth is $11.6 million yet he spends $10 a week on lottery tickets?

Clearly, the motivation for U.S. Representative Jim Sensenbrenner to test his luck is in the thrill of the game, he doesn’t need his winnings, which, incidentally, included $250,000 in 1997 and $1,000 each last year and last week.

But how much of a thrill can winning be if you don’t actually need the winnings? Many of us have won things we didn’t need, like that stuffed animal at the fair so many know the emptiness of the pyrrhic victory; ya, you won, but so what?

Psychiatrists may say that it isn’t winning that is important to these guys, its beating others. Or, maybe avarice knows no bounds, or the attention from winning is a greater rush than winning, or ….

Whatever the reason, it does seem strange that a guy who has more money than he can spend would bother to spent his money on something so obviously useless to him as a lottery ticket.

It takes all kinds, of course. Maybe this is one of those cases where if you have to ask ‘Why would a Millionaire buy a lottery ticket?’ you’ll never get it.

The story is here: Millionaire U.S. Rep. wins lottery again


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