Posted by: Tony Carson | 9 September, 2007

The McCann story, no longer following but chasing white blonds

The Kate and Gerry McCann tale shows the media at its worst.

And we all know why: it has all the elements of a great mystery, with great characters who provide wonderful potential for the great fall. Plus, it’s all in full-colour, surround-sound multimedia.

Leaving aside the awful reason for the story, with the McCann story we can enjoy a terrific whodunit while reveling in the muck of schandenfraude and all without the time-laden commitment to a clumsy book. The story appears everywhere, we need only osmote.

But in the media’s glee to convict we see the blood-stained hand of Nancy Grace and her odious ilk in the 24-hour coverage: the hand that pushes away the doubt to pull in the rope.

And the irony of this story couldn’t be more profound. The media that once only followed stories about lost blond white women are now chasing them.

Why? It’s all in the pictures.


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