Posted by: Tony Carson | 10 September, 2007

Eric Margolis, US TV & the Iraq war

Eric Margolis says US TV news hiding truth about Iraq civil war

The US media is self-censoring itself, after all, the big corporate media is selling a product that is called news but it could be called toothpaste or diapers or anything else. In selling products you want to avoid offending people and that really is what the objective is: to offend the least amount of people while presenting news that is often more entertainment than actual news.

You don’t see the US media asking ‘is it wrong to be in this war? Are we doing the wrong thing? Are we hurting the Americans strategic interests around the globe?’

What disturbs me about the American media these days is that the media has adopted wholesale the vocabulary of government. They invade a country, they over-throw its internationally recognized government and those Iraqis who fight back are termed ‘insurgents.’ They’re not insurgents, this is a national resistance movement by any proper definition. They were first ‘terrorists,’ now they’re ‘insurgents,’ next they’ll probably find some other name but you see with all the reporters adopting the same terminology … the same set of stories that have been handed out as PR releases by the military PR departments.


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